ugo basile dynamic plantar


The Ugo Basile Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer has been designed to automate the assessment of “touch sensitivity” on the plantar surface of rats or mice and comes ready to work with both Mice and Rats. It is known by some as the Electronic Von Frey or Plantar Von Frey instrument, but it differs from Von Frey devices as Latency and Actual Force at the time of paw withdrawal reflex are automatically detected and recorded.

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57820 Ugo Basile Dynamic Plantar (Von Frey)
57823 Multiple Configuration Animal Enclosure (12 Animals)
57816 Ugo Basile Grid Platform for Plantar Stimulation




For assessment of animal sensitivity to light touch of the paw

  • Computer compatibility: direct connection to a PC, via the dedicated software included as standard
  • PC Interface: USB and serial
  • Read-out: multifunction liquid-crystal graphic-display
  • Data Portability: via the Memory-Key provided with the standard package
  • Print-out: by optional panel mount or independent thermal mini-printer
  • Universal Mains 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz


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