Touch screen programmable pumps


The unique Legato Series offers unparalleled ease of use through the high resolution touch-screen user interface. This new level of simplicity is combined with advanced fluidic performance to give you the highest level of smooth flow, accuracy and precision to meet all your application needs including drug discovery, nanofluidics, mass spectrometry and more. The Legato series of syringe pumps are available as Infuse Only, Infusion/Withdrawl and Push/Pull Syringe Pumps

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53104L Picoliter Single Syringe Programmable Pump, Legato
53105L Picoliter Dual Syringe Programmable Pump, Legato
53102L Single Syringe Programmable Pump, Legato
53103L Dual Syringe Programmable Pump, Legato, 0.5ul-10mL
53200L Dual Syringe Pump, Infusion Only, Legato
53210L Dual Syringe Pump, Legato
53212L Dual Syringe Pump, Programmable, Legato 0.5ul-140mL
53270L Quad Syringe Pump, Legato
53272L Quad Syringe Pump, Programmable, Legato




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