The Nibblenet Sheet- Vinyl Black 4 sizes available


These flat “sheets” are stitched webbing grids that can be used for a Ground Box or laced over larger bales.
Please note: This “sheet” is the Nibblenet webbing grid ONLY.
In the photo the Nibblenet grid is screwed into a wood frame inside a properly sized box. If you are using an existing box, you might consider ordering a Double-Nibble to attach inside your box!
Available: (4 Sizes to choose from). No Straps!

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Sizes Available:

Large sheets are available in 46″ x 46″ (-1/2″) or 46″ x 70″ (-1/2″) with 1.5″ openings

Smaller sheets are 24″ x 46″ (-1/2″) are available with 1.5″ or 1.25″ openings.

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