Stoelting Rota-Rod Treadmills


TABLE border width=11 height=12 height=12 Rotation can be set at a constant speed quickly, using a dial on the front panel. Alternatively, acceleration rate may be selected at a defined time (30 sec., 1, 2, 5 or 10 min).

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The new Stoelting Rota-Rod provides an easy way to test the effects of drugs, brain damage, or diseases on motor coordination or fatigue resistance in rodents.

The Stoelting Rota-Rod is very easy to use. Simply place the animal on the roller drum and start the timer. When the animal stops running, it drops safely into its own lane; time (minutes and seconds) and rotating speed are recorded automatically. A removable upper separator is included to prevent interference between animals running in adjacent lanes.

Data Acquisition
The Stoelting Rota-Rod Treadmill is provided with a RS232 port and SEDACOM software that allows transfer and storage of data to a computer. The data can be shown and printed out in real time. Data is collected in ASCII format for full exportability to other programs.


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