Stainless Steel Angular Racks for Deluxe stacking cages

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Series B Racks support Series B Cages
This Stainless Steel Angular Rack for Deluxe Stacking Metabolism Cat Cages
with Removable Metabolism Pans are fabricated from die-formed angles and
channels. The angle uprights’ lower ends have caster couplers. The angle
uprights, angle cross members, and channel cross members are butted at all
joints and welded for strength.
Each cage is held securely in place by a pair of full-length cage runners that
are welded to the rack cross members.
The rack has a glass beaded satin finish, removing any discoloration.
The rack is equipped with chrome-plated swivel casters with 5″ polyolefin
wheels, two with wheel brakes. Swivel and axle bearings have seals and zerk
grease fittings.
Stainless Steel Watering System
CPVC Watering System
Stainless Steel Casters

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Dimensions 18 × 26 × 30.875 in