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The use of Gutter Covers reduces the probability of injury to the animal.

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  • Ridglan Animal Care Systems came up with a number of solutions for covering gutters.
  • First of all, every run is different. The best solution for your facility depends on the nature of the drain or gutter. In like manner, every run has its own answer. Because there are no “standard” sizes, RACS offers different styles and solutions. Consequently, RACS Gutter Covers are manufactured to customer specifications.

Cover Type A

The solutions shown below are used when the gutter is in the back of the run. If there is a ledge next to the wall for legs to rest on, consider Cover Type A.  Under these circumstances, there are two solutions.

Cover Type B

Some gutters are made with a small ledge about an inch down from the floor surface.  In this case, the ledge was put there to support a gutter cover.  In this circumstance the solution is simple.  A piece of mesh is cut to fit in the available opening.  No frame or legs are needed. This is convenient if the gutter is outside the run where people and animals are walking. 

Cover Type C

The most common situation can be solved with Gutter Type C.  The gutter is at the back of a run, and the rear of the gutter simply a continuation of the back wall.  There is no ledge in the gutter to rest back legs of a bench type cover.  Placing a gutter cover with legs into these gutters is not recommended.  

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