Lasermark Small Round Tags Factory Numbered increments of 25


Lasermark® is a new, versatile, permanent ear tag marking technology. A computerguided laser beam enables extraordinary clarity and detail for numerals, barcodes, logos, and
artwork. The laser beam permanently marks the tag material to a dark charcoal gray color.
Lasermark tags are recommended for very harsh environments where hot-stamp numbers may
fade or rub off and for applications where a high degree of detail is required. Most Destron
Fearing tags are available with Lasermark. Please inquire.

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Small Round Buttons are good backup identification for animals of all sizes and are especially good as a litter tag for piglets. Now standard with Lasermark® markings and in the new lighter colors, Small Round Tags have brass-tipped studs with Infecta•Guard coating. Sets include same color female back.

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