Large Parallel Rail Stereotaxic – 4 Manipulator


The Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument is designed for large animals, but can be used on almost any laboratory animal when used with our selection of animal species adaptors. Includes Parallel Rail frame, dog/monkey adaptor, four 100 micron 2-axes manipulator arms (2 right-hand, 2 left-hand), traditional (18˚) ear bars, swivel stand, base plate and four corner clamp probe holders.

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51850 Large Parallel Rail Stereotaxic, 4 Manipulator Arms
51851 Large Parallel Rail Stereotaxic, Base and Frame Only
51804 Manipulator on Rail Clamp, LH
51806 Manipulator on Rail Clamp, RH
51902 Digital Manipulator Arm, 2-Axes, Add-On, RIGHT
51905 Digital Manipulator Arm, 2-Axes, Add-On, LEFT
51858 A-P Microdrive,on Rail Clamp



For use with dogs, monkeys and other large animals.


  • Reliable Locks
  • Laser Engrave Scales
  • Exceptionally Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Affordably Priced
  • Holds up to eight manipulator arms
  • Works with large range of animals
  • AP Microdrive available for fine control of third axis


The Parallel Rail Animal Stereotaxic Instrument, provides superior performance. Up to six manipulator arms may be conveniently positioned on the two parallel rails. Thus, several probes may be independently positioned in one animal.

Reliable Locks
If it is necessary to tilt the stereotaxic frame to gain access to the animal’s side or underside, the tilting and angling universal joint on Lab Standard™ manipulators have the most secure, reliable locks of any stereotaxic instrument.

Easily Read Scales
Precise, laser engraved graduations allow vernier scales to be aligned to 0.1 mm. The scales are oriented to enhance readability from common user positions. Standard manipulator arms have 100 micron resolution, while high-quality digital arms have a resolution of 10 microns.

Other species adaptors, probe holders and ear bars manufactured by Stoelting may be used on the 51800 series of stereotaxic instruments allowing for a use with a  wide range of animals and procedures.

A/P Microdrive Available

51858 AP Drive

51858 Microdrive Figure 1

The optional 51858 Anterior/Posterior Microdrive provides fine movement control in the A/P dimension with 25 mm range and 10 micron graduations. The 51858 mounts between the rail and the manipulator and it includes a longer probe holder shaft for the extra height. See Figure 1.

Included Components

The 51800 comes equipped with:

  • Two 51804 LH Manipulators (digital upgrade available)
  • Two 51806 RH Manipulators (digital upgrade available)
  • One 51801 Parallel Rail Frame 
  • One 51826 Cat/Monkey Head Holder w/ 18° ear bars (Rat adaptor or 45° ear bars may be substituted at no extra charge)
  • One 51680 Universal swivel stand with 4″ x 4″ mounting support plate
  • One 51871  Base Plate, Plain 17in x 13in

The 51801 comes equipped with:

  • One 51801 Parallel Rail Frame
  • One 51826 Cat/Monkey Head Holder with 18° ear bars (Rat adaptor or 45° ear bars may be substituted at no extra charge)
  • One 51680 Universal swivel stand with 4″ x 4″ mounting support plate
  • One 51871 Base Plate, Plain 17in x 13in

Optional Mounting Plates
The optional 51872, Mounting Plate 12in x 36in base plate has four, full-length tee slots for mounting other instruments on the same base with a 51800 stereotaxic.


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