Flat Treadmill 2 Lane


A flat treadmill, as used in human EKG stress testing, provides a better measure of fatigability than the “log rolling” of a Rota Rod, which is best used to measure motor coordination. The rodent has room to run and can correct errors in coordination before they result in failure.
The flat treadmill has a wide belt on rollers as a running surface. A built-in shock scrambler provides motivation for the animal to run until fatigued. The two lane treadmill allows testing two animals at once. An acrylic cage with a divider between the lanes and a hinged lid encloses the animal. The single-lane treadmill has no divider between the lanes, and can accommodate larger animals. A five lane model for mice is also available.

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Multiple Controllable Parameters
The researcher sets the shock intensity and the belt speed, then adjusts the treadmill slope. The instrument records, for each lane, the total time spent on the shock grid. From the total time, the belt speed, and the time on the shock grid, the user can calculate the total distance the animal ran during the test. Gas proof option provides an airtight enclosure for 58700 and 58707 that can be used with the Oxylet System.


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