Check Collar, 8.5″-10.5″


Made from clear, lightweight, resilient material that does not impair patient’s vision. Provides increased neck circumference adjustment points, allowing for correct, comfortable fit with ease of application to patient. Patient adjusts to restraint quickly with clear vision. Provides gentle protection to patient’s ears, eyes, all areas behind the neck, plus fore feet and legs.


Finally, added comfort without the additional cost. KVP’s Check™ Collar is the only low-cost collar to provide full-neck padding. Manufactured with an ultra-clear, lightweight resilient material, Check™ Collars won’t impair vision so patients will adjust much faster and easier to the recovery device. Designed to provide vital protection after procedures, Check™ Collars are ideal for both short- and long-term use. Now you can make fast work of getting the correct and most comfortable fit in all 8 sizes — from puppies to Great Danes.


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