Lazy Dog Canine 6″ Pup PIEs- 6 flavors


The award-winning Original Happy Birthday Pup-PIE offers a 100 percent organic alternative to traditional dog food. It is pre-cut into ten bite-sized slices and topped with naturally colored sesame seeds. “Because of the high-quality ingredients, the pies are not limited to special occasions. They are something you can feed your dog every day,” says Keith. Pup-PIES—which come in a variety of flavors—are wheat-, corn- and soy-free.
The 10 slice Pup-PIEs come in a variety of flavors and occasions that are great to celebrate a dog’s special day or to make any old day special. They are also a fun gift for a friend or family member’s dog. LET THEM EAT PIE!

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Every package contains ten bite sized slices and a “Happy Birthday” sign. The unique, wheat- and corn-free, soft-baked recipe is ideal for dogs of all sizes. The Pup-PIE is topped with naturally colored sesame seeds.

PIES topped with our exclusive dairy-free coating. Wheat, Corn & Soy Free Non-GMO Dairy Free Vegan Net Weight 5 oz. Shelf Life: 16 months
Since 2001 The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. believes every dog should enjoy a delicious slice of homemade pie, now here’s their chance! Our entire vegan line of wheat, corn, and soy free oven-baked Pup-PIES are made with healthy whole grains and are packed with tasty beneficial ingredients. Wholesome Ingredients: Oat Flour, Cane Molasses, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter (Ground Peanuts), Coating (Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Carob, Vanilla & Sunflower Lecithin), Cinnamon, Ginger, Sodium Bicarbonate & Color Added. (*All ingredients are Non-GMO)   Only 48 Calories per .5 oz. slice! 



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